All Natural and Caffeine Free

Our products are a gift from nature, celebrating the virtues of flowers and medicinal plants. Our unique herbal tea blends - each featuring an iconic flower ( Forget-me-not, Rose, Wild Mallow, Linden, Sunflower, Orange Blossom ), are carefully handcrafted for their health benefits, delectable taste and beautiful infusion color. 

Our healthy gourmet herbal teas are made from wholesome and authentic ingredients, such as flowers, leaves, fruits, herbs and spices, with no added artificial flavors, sugars, colors or preservatives. Our premium ingredients are sorted, blended, bagged and packaged by hand in Canada, by our team of passionate artisans.

When sourcing botanicals, our first choice is always organic. If organic is not available, we will choose an option cultivated without chemicals or wild-harvested to insure that our teas are as natural as they can be. Our ingredients are selected based on quality and sourced only from reputable suppliers. Local and imported, our plants come from around the world, from where they grow naturally. This ensures that our teas are made with the finest ingredients nature has to offer and packed with maximum flavors and nutrients.

Our flower blends are offered with the convenience of a tea bag, and as loose tea. Our whole flowers are a natural work of art. Never crushed or powdered, they look gorgeous in their  handmade silky sachet or tin, and even more in your teapot. The dazzling colors of our infusions come from the natural pigments of our flowers. We do not add any coloring ! 

Our herbal teas are delicious hot or iced, and even reheated the following day. Caffeine free, they can be enjoyed anytime of the day. To top your experience, we recommend serving our colorful blends in a clear teapot and cup - or why not, iced in a wine glass or champagne flute.

We are environmentally friendly, prioritizing products and packaging that minimize the ecological footprint, including sourcing local and organic plants whenever possible, and utilising recyclable and biodegradable material for our product packaging and tea bags. Striving to become even greener, we are in the process of introducing compostable tea bags made from a natural corn-based fiber material, and biodegradable rice paper enveloppes to overwrap our compostable tea bags. 

In our tea boxes, you will not find any bleached paper, strings, tags, glue or staples to taint your brew and downgrade your experience. In all that we do, we follow this mantra: if it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for our customers. Discover FloralTea for an ultimate experience in refinement with no compromise.


Enter our medicinal garden and celebrate the beauty and magic of nature.


Infuse yourself in flower power !

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About us

Les thés FloralTea is a Canadian artisan business specializing in the creation of medicinal flower herbal teas. Gourmet, healthy and eco-friendly, our products are handmade in Quebec and can be shipped anywhere. 

A propos de nous

Les thés FloralTea est une entreprise artisanale Canadienne spécialisée dans la creation de tisanes de fleurs médicinales. Gourmet, santé et écoresponsables, nos produits sont faits à la main au Québec et peuvent être livrés partout.

Les thés FloralTea

8 Les Sorbiers, Laval, Québec, H7R 1E3

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