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Health Benefits

Flowers are praised for their outside beauty but few people know about their inner beauty, that is their health benefits. Discover this hidden treasure with our Fountain of Youth Collection. Our whole flower herbal teas look, smell and taste great - and will make you feel great. We are committed to deliver a total experience of beauty to our customers; inside and out!

Our Fountain of Youth Collection consists of 3 iconic Flower Herbal Tea blends: the blue Forget-me-not, the pink Rose and the purple Wild Mallow. Each blend is carefully handcrafted for its health benefits, beautiful infusion color and delectable taste.


Our Fountain of Youth Collection contains medicinal plants recognized for their anti-aging properties including:  being top antioxidants, promoting skin beauty, boosting metabolism and energy, preventing loss of memory and enhancing mental alertness and concentration.

Learn more about the specific health benefits of each of the blends of this Collection by clicking here: Forget-me-not, RoseWild Mallow.


The dazzling colors of our Forget-me-not, Rose and Wild Mallow infusions ( including blue, pink and purple ) come from anthocyanins and betalains pigments naturally occuring in our ingredients. These pigments are water-soluble molecules that may appear red, blue or purple in flowers and fruits, depending on the pH. These pigments may be  more than what meets the eye. Due to their high antioxidant properties in-vitro, anthocyanins are a subject of interest to medical research as potential cures to a number of illnesses.  Anthocyanins and betalains natural pigments are richly found in our Fountain of Youth herbal tea Collection. 


Enter our medicinal garden and discover the power of nature. Try our mouth-watering Fountain of Youth Collection and infuse yourself in flower power!


Your Wild Mallow Fairy


Disclaimer:  please note that our herbal teas are produced in a facility that also processes coconut.


Disclaimer:  Most people experience great benefits drinking our herbal teas, with no negative side effects.  However, there may be interactions with drugs and other herbal products. Consult your doctor prior to consuming any herbal tea if you are pregnant, nursing or have any medical condition.  Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.


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About us

Les thés FloralTea is a Canadian artisan business specializing in the creation of medicinal flower herbal teas. Gourmet, healthy, eco-friendly and catchy, our products are handmade in Quebec and can be shipped anywhere. 

A propos de nous

Les thés FloralTea est une entreprise artisanale Canadienne spécialisée dans la creation de tisanes de fleurs médicinales. Gourmet, santé, écologiques et magnifiques, nos produits sont faits à la main au Québec et peuvent être livrés partout.

Les thés FloralTea

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