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Poached Pear with Wild Mallow Tea

By Nathalie Beaudoin Hta, N.D. | Photo and Design: Nathalie Beaudoin

PREPARATION : 10 minutes | COOKING TIME : 30 minutes |

COOLING TIME : 3 hours | Yield : 4 servings | Do not freeze


  • 750 ml (3 cups) water

  • 200 ml (6oz) crème de cassis ( blackcurrant alcoholic beverage)

  • 4 juniper berries

  • 2 sachets ( or 6g of the loose blend ) of FloralTea's Wild Mallow tisane

  • 4 pears, peeled, halved and hollowed


  1. In a pot, combine water, crème de cassis, juniper berries and bring to a boil.

  2. Add the tisane and pears to the boiling liquid, then continue cooking over medium heat until the pears are tender (about 20-30 min depending on the ripeness of the fruits), and turning them over from time to time in the cooking liquid for uniform purple color.

  3. Remove from heat and allow all pot content to cool at room temperature ( 2-3 hours ).

  4. Serve the pears warm, covered with the cooking syrup as a coulis if desired, and accompanied by a scoop of lemon sorbet or vanilla ice cream or both! A fresh and fruity dessert to finish your meal on a light note!

To purchase FloralTea's Wild Mallow herbal tea, click HERE.

« Gourmet and healthy, poached pears are perfect for any occasion. Easy to make, they are great as a reception dessert or any time.

This version will change you from the traditional pear poached with red wine. Here, crème de cassis and juniper berry marry delightfully with the aromas of mallow, blueberry and lemon. The beautiful purple color of the poaching liquid of the Wild Mallow tea will make this dessert a treat for the eyes and taste buds!

Thanks to its high content of mucilage, a softening substance in mallow flowers, and the astringency of raspberry leaves, our Wild Mallow herbal tea is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, softening and emollient properties.

The mallow is recognized for internal use against sore throat, dry cough, urinary tract infections and intestinal pain, and for external use in emollient compress for the skin or as mouthwash. Also, mallow tea gently promotes intestinal transit, suitable for all ages, without the risk of addiction. As for the wild blueberry, very present in our tisane, it would help slowing the signs of aging due to its high content of antioxidants.

To end your meal on a light note, try our Poached Pear with Wild Mallow Tea. A fresh and fruity dessert, high in color and rich in flavor! ”

Nathalie Beaudoin

To help you regain your well-being and vitality, Nathalie offers herbalist-phytotherapist care at l'Espace Santé 1133 in Montreal, combining traditional herbal medicine and energy treatments. She is a member of the Quebec Guild of Herbalists and is a naturopath certified by the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada. She is a food consultant and a culinary florist. She is the author of the book Des fleurs dans votre assiette published by Editions MultiMondes, distributed in Canada and Europe. Honored at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in July 2019 in Macau, China, her book won the 3 rd place worldwide in the A13 category Blogger / Social Media printed book. Her book was also nominated for the Taste Canada Awards 2019, where she stood out as a finalist alongside Ricardo and Josée di Stasio.


Cuisiner avec FloralTea est une série d’articles de recettes inspirantes, cuisinées à base de nos tisanes de fleurs médicinales. Chaque article comprend une recette gourmet et santé : breuvage, entrée, plat principal, dessert ou petite douceur créée par notre Chef. Faciles et rapides à réaliser, nos délicieuses recettes vous sortiront de l’ordinaire. Inviter nos fleurs à votre table, c’est prolonger votre été à l’année ! Bon appétit et à votre santé !

Cooking with FloralTea is a series of articles of inspiring recipes, prepared with our medicinal flower teas. Each article includes a healthy gourmet recipe: beverage, starter, main course, dessert or little sweetness created by our Chef. Easy and quick to make, our delicious recipes will change you from the ordinary. Inviting our flowers to your table is extending your summer all year long ! Bon appétit and to your health !

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